Destination Beverage is proud support Tito’s Vodka charity for dog with the best pet shops in town.

For EVERY bottle of Tito's Vodka purchased at Destination Beverage (164 East Coast Road) or on our website, Tito’s Vodka will buy $15 worth of goods from your favorite pet shop and donate it to SPCA!

If you want to support dog shelters, you can buy your pet supplies from our partners and use their code when buying a Tito's Vodka bottle at Destination Beverage:

Loving Pets: TITOS_01 (https://lovingpets.com.sg/)

Pet talk Pte Ltd: TITOS_02 (https://www.pettalk.com.sg/)

Furgive You Pet Shop: TITOS_03 (278 E Coast Rd, Singapore 428944)

Benji Pet Kennel: TITOS_04 (http://benjipet.com/)

aPet Mart: TITOS_05 (www.apetmart.com)

Pawsome: TITOS_07 (http://pawsome.sg/)


Tito's Vodka Charity for dogs