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Tanglin Black Powder Gin

Tanglin Black Powder Gin

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Black Powder, Tanglin’s Navy Strength Gin, is a punchy 58% ABV making it an ideal Cocktail gin, but still super smooth for sipping. Why Black Powder? Centuries ago, a Chinese Alchemist was searching for the Elixir of Life. Ironically he created gunpowder instead and called it Black Powder. Packing a punch at 58% and Singapore’s very first Double Gold at The San Francisco World Spirits Competition! Navy Strength Gin has to be above 58% ABV, the strength at which Gin drenched gunpowder still ignites when lit. Navy's often provided rations of Gin, so this test was frequently used to check against unscrupulous employers. A crafty solution to ensuring a great drink.

Volume: 500ml

ABV: 58%

Origin: Singapore

Tanglin Gin

Where the best of Singapore meets the best of botanicals. This is not merely a bottle of Gin - it’s the Spirit of Singapore, distilled to perfection.
Handcrafted in Asia
“We have created recipes that are complex, yet balanced and harmonious, blends that represents multiple cultures. Just like Singapore.” 

Extracting the purest of spirits
The wonder that is Gin making - 80% science, 20% art.
It begins when we carefully select, sort ,weigh, and measure our botanicals.