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Tanglin Orchid Gin

Tanglin Orchid Gin

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This is a modern, smooth gin, the pine of the Juniper is unmistakably there, the herbaceous flavour notes come from classic gin botanicals but the twist comes from Indian Amchoor a powdered form of green unripe mango, that adds an extra citrus note and our not so secret ingredient is in the name, Vanilla Planifolia Orchid.

For the Orchid Gin we use the ‘fruit’ of the Vanilla Orchid. Whole Vanilla beans are used in the Gin Column, adding a smooth richness to the flavour. Organic Oranges add a highlight sweetness of citrus. We’ve made the most amazing flavour combination by placing our Oranges directly beneath our vanilla.

Volume: 700ml

ABV: 42%

Origin: Singapore

Tanglin Gin

Where the best of Singapore meets the best of botanicals. This is not merely a bottle of Gin - it’s the Spirit of Singapore, distilled to perfection.
Handcrafted in Asia
“We have created recipes that are complex, yet balanced and harmonious, blends that represents multiple cultures. Just like Singapore.” 

Extracting the purest of spirits
The wonder that is Gin making - 80% science, 20% art.
It begins when we carefully select, sort ,weigh, and measure our botanicals.